Old “Witchcraft” issues from yesteryear!

Well, I noticed that some of you people keep asking me about old issues of “Witchcraft Magazine” and what they looked like. Apart from the fact that most of those issues are more than twenty years old and therefore long gone, I never really felt like making them available again because there’s just too much nonsense and unnecessary blahblah inside (at least from my point of view). On the other hand I was pretty young and… well… a bit foolish, or maybe overly enthusiastic?

On the other hand I made those scans some time ago just in case something would happen to the original paperwork and created PDF files because they are easy to handle and don’t consume that much space on my harddisk like the original scan files do.

To sum things up, I suppose it won’t hurt to upload those files and share them with you. Here are the first three issues of “Witchcraft” I made between 1992 and 1994. Made with cheesy english, sloppy writing, awkward opinions but LOTS of enthusiasm!


New distribution list 02-16 available!

And here we go again with the next massive update for 2016! I picked up lots of new zines for you like HEADSPLIT, GARM, BLACK BLOOD, SADISTIC SCREAMS, REALM OF SHADES, PSICOTERROR, THE CONVIVIAL HERMIT or CRYPTS OF ETERNITY as well as a few copies of the EXTREMITY RETAINED book by Jason Natherton or the latest releases of BLACK BLOOD PRESS from Portugal!

Apart from that I found plenty of dead stock from zines like HORRIBLE EYES, SOLEIL TRYSTE and FORGOTTEN PATH and managed to get my hands on quite a few second hand titles of zines like ISTEN, FUNERAL MAELSTROM OF HATE, OAKEN THRONE, SLAYER and lots more.

Last but not least you may want to take a closer look at the MUSIC stuff I found like the NME and SADISTIK EXEKUTION tapes from Headsplit Records, the new INFERNAL CURSE album, the limited 2016 LUEGER repress or the excellent metal pins made by Omnibvs Mors (Stargazer, Vassafor, Vatra I Sumpor etc. etc.).

Yours truly,

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7wcyddoswf9bvsh/Distrolist_0216_A4.pdf

New distribution list 01-16 available!

Finally managed to finish another distro list update! And this time it’s a MAJOR update including a hell lot of new titles like Metal Gods, Devilment, Eyestrain, Temple Of Adoration, Golgotha, Arise and lots more PLUS exciting stuff from Marhaug Forlag, a bunch of “Bestial Avenger” comics and several artzines. And let’s not forget the growing list of second hand stuff I picked up during the last three months!

Apart from that I received some new exciting vinyl stuff from bands like Eurynomos, Poison, Gribberiket, Dreadful Relic or Ripper – just to mention a few – AND a bunch of nice tape versions of Abhorer’s “Upheaval Of Blasphemy” and Sadistik Exekution’s “The Magus”.

And remember: I (still) buy fanzines! You got something for sale or trade? I might be the one who wants to have them all!!!

Distrolist 01-16

There can be only one!

I have exactly ONE copy of “Witchcraft” issue 6 left for sale before they are ALL gone from my side! You might still be able to grab a copy from on of the following distributors:

– Iron Pegasus Records (Germany)
– Dunkelheit Productions (Germany)
– NWN Productions (USA)
– Basar North America (USA)

THANKS everyone for your continuous support!

Out of curiosity…

While I was spending some online time searching for used fanzines at a well-known marketplace I stumbled upon two auctions offering old issues of “Witchcraft” from the 90s in excellent condition. I kept an eye on both auctions to see what people are willing to pay for them these days and the results can be seen below because I made some quick screenshots… not bad, huh?WC_3 WC_2

New postage rates for 2016 and upcoming stuff…

Our most beloved postal service changed some of the rates for 2016, the new price for international letters is now 3,70 Euro instead of 3,45 Euro. It ain’t much but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to keep you updated in case you want to order a copy of either “Witchcraft”  or “Call From The Grave Magazine”. I still got copies of both mags left of course – feel free to place an order and/or tell others about it so they may order a copy or two, too!

Apart from that I am working on another distro list update. I received a whole lot of new and second hand fanzines from all around the world as well as a bunch of exciting metal vinyls and tapes! New list should be available sometime in February so you should to keep an eye on this blog for oncoming updates.

Last but not least I’m working on some new projects like the next issue of “Witchcraft” as well as other printed matter but it might take some time to get everything done… More details will be revealed when the time is right!

Call From The Grave #1 & 2 – limited reprint!

A word from the editor:
” Finally, the European reprint of both issues of CALL FROM THE GRAVE zine is here! In the zine community of editors and readers, there are those that hunger for a deeper approach. These days, bland questions about sales numbers and the Internet destroying Metal mean even less, since so much information is immediately accessible. The purpose of zines needs to shift from current information and news, to bringing music closer to the listener’s heart with thoughtful questions and obsessive analysis. Dive beyond the surface. Honesty, integrity, devotion, and death.”

#1: with Watain, Necros Christos, Ascension, MGLA, Griftegard, The Ajna Offensive, Communion / Proselytism Records, Alcest, The Sinister Flame and Inquisition. 64 pages, 21 x 28 cm, black print on beige-colored paper, wire binding

#2: with Cultes Des Ghoules, Hetroertzen, In Solitude, Rome, The Mountain Goats, Vemod, Denis Forkas and Nidrosian Black Mass IV report. 80 pages, 21 x 28 cm, black print on beige-colored paper, wire binding

Limited printrun of 200 copies for each issue

Price is 6,- Euro + 1,45 Euro (Germany) / 3,45 Euro postage (world) for one issue or 12,- Euro + 1,45 Euro (Germany) / 3,45 Euro postage (world) for both issues. Send orders to: witchcraftmag @ gmx. de

Distributors welcome!

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