New postage rates for 2016 and upcoming stuff…

Our most beloved postal service changed some of the rates for 2016, the new price for international letters is now 3,70 Euro instead of 3,45 Euro. It ain’t much but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to keep you updated in case you want to order a copy of either “Witchcraft”  or “Call From The Grave Magazine”. I still got copies of both mags left of course – feel free to place an order and/or tell others about it so they may order a copy or two, too!

Apart from that I am working on another distro list update. I received a whole lot of new and second hand fanzines from all around the world as well as a bunch of exciting metal vinyls and tapes! New list should be available sometime in February so you should to keep an eye on this blog for oncoming updates.

Last but not least I’m working on some new projects like the next issue of “Witchcraft” as well as other printed matter but it might take some time to get everything done… More details will be revealed when the time is right!

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