There can be only one!

I have exactly ONE copy of “Witchcraft” issue 6 left for sale before they are ALL gone from my side! You might still be able to grab a copy from on of the following distributors:

– Iron Pegasus Records (Germany)
– Dunkelheit Productions (Germany)
– NWN Productions (USA)
– Basar North America (USA)

THANKS everyone for your continuous support!

Out of curiosity…

While I was spending some online time searching for used fanzines at a well-known marketplace I stumbled upon two auctions offering old issues of “Witchcraft” from the 90s in excellent condition. I kept an eye on both auctions to see what people are willing to pay for them these days and the results can be seen below because I made some quick screenshots… not bad, huh?WC_3 WC_2