Old “Witchcraft” issues from yesteryear!

Every now and then people ask me about the old issues of “Witchcraft Magazine” and what they looked like. Apart from the fact that these (five) issues are now more than twenty years old (made between 1992 and 1995) I never really felt like making them available again in printed form (even though some of you already suggested that it would be great to compile them in a book) because there’s… well… a bit too much nonsense and unnecessary blahblah inside (at least that’s what it feels like to me when I look at them now). On the other hand I was still pretty young and maybe also overly enthusiastic when it came to Metal. Let’s say I felt truly involved and put everything I had into these issues, both mentally and financially.

It was never as “big” as some of the other zines were when it came to the number of copies being sold. Like Tales Of The Macabre for example, who got rid of approx. 3500 copies of his last issue (congrats Costa!). I made 200 of issue 1, 400 of issue 2 and 500 each of issues 3, 4 and 5. I still got a few copies left of issue 4 which my parents found in the attic while cleaning up. Feel free to buy one if you like (look at the “DISTRO” section). I didn’t even know there were any copies left so imagine my surprise when they handed them to me during a visit.

A couple of years ago I also managed to scan all the old issues – just in case something would happen to the old original templates – and created PDF files because they are easy to handle and don’t consume as much space on my hard drive like the scanned TIFF files do.

To sum things up, I suppose it doesn’t hurt to upload the files and share them with you. I uploaded the first three issues of “Witchcraft” I made between 1992 and 1994 to the “Fanzine Downloads” section – take a closer look if you like. Do you think they are worth being reprinted? Let me know! I will also upload issues 4 and 5 (and maybe the new issues 6 and 7) at a later time!

New distribution list 02-16 available!

And here we go again with the next massive update for 2016! I picked up lots of new zines for you like HEADSPLIT, GARM, BLACK BLOOD, SADISTIC SCREAMS, REALM OF SHADES, PSICOTERROR, THE CONVIVIAL HERMIT or CRYPTS OF ETERNITY as well as a few copies of the EXTREMITY RETAINED book by Jason Natherton or the latest releases of BLACK BLOOD PRESS from Portugal!

Apart from that I found plenty of dead stock from zines like HORRIBLE EYES, SOLEIL TRYSTE and FORGOTTEN PATH and managed to get my hands on quite a few second hand titles of zines like ISTEN, FUNERAL MAELSTROM OF HATE, OAKEN THRONE, SLAYER and lots more.

Last but not least you may want to take a closer look at the MUSIC stuff I found like the NME and SADISTIK EXEKUTION tapes from Headsplit Records, the new INFERNAL CURSE album, the limited 2016 LUEGER repress or the excellent metal pins made by Omnibvs Mors (Stargazer, Vassafor, Vatra I Sumpor etc. etc.).

Yours truly,

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7wcyddoswf9bvsh/Distrolist_0216_A4.pdf