New distribution list 03-16 available!

Autumn season is here and it’s time to finally upload another update of my fanzine distribution list for you out there!

And again I managed to find a good bunch of new zines and books like “Black & White Volume 1” featuring terrific artwork from the hands of Mr. MÖRTUUS, the excellent and fully colored GRAFIKA OBSCURA and ICONOCLAST books featuring brilliant illustrations from Maurice de Jong and André Coelho, copies of the excellent ONLY DEATH IS REAL book, the brand new fifth issue of THE SINISTER FLAME, new old stock copies of SHRUNKEN & MUMMIFIED and more fresh issues of METAL HORDE, FATAL UNDERGROUND or SPALENA RAMENA, just to name a few…

Apart from that I stumbled upon second hand copies of zines such as HELLPIKE, TORNADO or IUT DE ASKEN and even two issues of STRATANAEL MEGASIN – which is pretty hard to find these days!

For those of you looking for some seriously good music: I’ve got excellent tapes of bands like ILLUM ADORA, RED HARVEST’s 20th anniversary rerelease of their stunning “Hybreed” album or SGT. ROCK (pre-Impetigo!!!) and managed to get a few copies of MORNINGSTAR’s excellent “Heretic Metal” album being released on vinyl for the first time! Not to mention all the other excellent vinyls, CDs and tapes you may want to check out too.

AND you should take a closer look at the newest Schattenmann publication entitled “Tough Riffs”, a promising new zine run by a talented young lad from France. Issue 2 features a wide range of interviews with bands like Master, Blood, Morta Skuld, Misery Index, Kraanium, Morgue, Dehuman and many more on fourty-eight fully colored A4 sized pages. Detailed pictures and description can be viewed by visiting my blog – as always! Individual copies are available for only 6,50 Euro in Germany or 8,- Euro worldwide including postage and handling. Distributors may get in touch too!!

Download the new list here:

3 thoughts on “New distribution list 03-16 available!

  1. Infernal Greetings,

    Do you remember a zine from Canada put out/or distributed by a guy named Stephane Belanger? His zine was from the mid 80s to early 90s? Been trying to find info on that zine


      • The zine was called Profusion zine out of Québec, I got in touch with the band Oblivion and they told me to get in touch with Stephane on Facebook, I have just he has not responded yet.


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