New distribution list 01-17 available!

It’s 2017 already… so let’s start off by uploading a new version of my distro list, shall we?!

And as always I found new zines for you people like ARCH VILE from Hungary or new issues of NECROSCOPE from Poland, THRONE OF CHAOS from Portugal or BY THIS AXE I RULE from Spain / Germany – just to mention a few – as well as new old stock of zines like SERPENTSCOPE or the debut issue of VOICE OF THE NIGHT.

Apart from that you might take a close look at the fresh copies of HIRNPLATZT I received from Hirntrust Gind Media (Austria) or the excellent reprint of REST IN PAIN zine I released a couple of weeks ago – filled with truly amazing one hundred and fifty (!!!) handmade pages of pure metal insanity! FUKK!

Needless to say that I also managed to pick up a couple more second hand titles such as ISTEN, SLAYER, DESECRATION OF VIRGIN or THE SINISTER FLAME! And a little bit of music like the new WARTIME CD (Dooooom!) and the “Leather Evil Leather” album of colombian speedsters ALCOHOLIC FORCE while PRESUMED DEAD put all of their recordings on one tape and called it “Defunct Existence”. Curious? Take one – you won’t regret it!

Last but not least I still got plenty of old issues of ROCK HARD and METAL HAMMER in stock you will hardly ever find anywhere else, especially when all of the original poster and add-on material is still inside – like big size posters, flex discs and what not!!!
And there’s a whole box full of pristine looking copies of SPLATTING IMAGE issues, starting with no. 1 up to no. 66, searching for a new home. You know someone who’s into horror and gore movies? THIS might be THE one chance for your buddies to get their hands on some serious stuff!

Download the new list immediatly:

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