New distribution list 02-17 available!

Behold… it’s the NEW distro list!!! Yeah I know, it took me quite a while to get it done but good things take time to make, don’t they? Apart from that I had to move all of my stuff to build up a new, improved storage with plenty of space for more aggressive expansion!
But I promise you it was worth the wait ’cause I got plenty of stuff for you people, like new fanzine titles such as Posthuman, Forgotten Path, Morbid Visions, Slowly We Rot, Terozin, Reborn From Ashes (including the “Mexican Underground” special issue!), Arise, Troubled Sleep or V.I.T.R.I.O.L., just to name a few.

Apart from that there’s the usual update on second hand zines I recently found here and there like Hellpike, Horrible Eyes, Spellbook or Hate Meditation + the NEW section with fanzines written in spanish language! So if YOU got spanish written zines for sale or trade, feel free to drop me a note so we can work something out as I would like to distribute more of those in the near future.

Do not forget to take a closer look at the music stuff I picked up for you too, like the great looking Blood Picture Disc 7″ EP “Recognize Yourself”; the new, mind-blowing Hell Desecrator album for fans of early Sarcofago; Merciless’ classic debut “The Awakening” on quality pro tapes; the improved rerelease of Mortem’s “Demon Tales” LP; heavy fucking Lüger and Vociferian tapes released through Von Frost Records or Kandar’s grinding, blood splattering debut album “Groovy” (for fans of Evil Dead!).

Still reading? Good! Let me poke you a little more by mentioning some of my own, NEW RELEASES like the official reprint of DEADHEAD #6, a massive 152 page pamphlet including plenty of bands and stories and interviews and what not! If that still doesn’t satisfy you check out the NO GOD RHETORIC / KANDAR split 7″ EP including 10 minutes of hyper ventilating Fastcore versus bone grinding horror Grindcore from the Czech Republic – on orange and green vinyl (yum!). It’s always worth a shot so give it a try, willya?

Download here:



After the original edition was gone within just a few weeks I’m proud to finally present the official reprint of DEADHEAD FANZINE #6 so that everyone who missed the chance to secure a copy for himself can finally take a gooood look at this!
Featuring 152 A4 sized pages of pure metal insanity, housed in a thick laminated cover, this baby includes numerous interviews with bands like Morbid Angel, Alan Moses  of Buttface Zine, Spectral Birth / Incubus, Punisher / Picagari, Grave Desecrator, Slaughter, Merciless Death, Vulga, Ungodly Death, Poison, Evoked Doom, Trench Hell, Eurynomos, Venom, Metal Mania Zine, Mazetorment and many more!
Don’t miss this chance and get yourself a copy for 10,- Euro a piece – plus 1,45 Euro postage within Germany or 3,70 Euro postage worldwide (priority airmail). Distributors are always welcome to join in of course! Send a mail to: witchcraftmag @ gmx. de