New distribution list 03-17 available!

The trip-to-depressive-autumn season is here and so is the NEW distro list 03-17, offering more than 310 different fanzine titles from all over the world!!! Needless to say that I found plenty of new stuff for you people like Bardo Methodology #1 and 2, Slaves #3, Temple Of Adoration #12, From Beyond… the Deathbed, Snakepit #20, SARX #2 and many more PLUS a bunch of new old stock titles like good ol’ Decibels Storm #9 from France, Atlantida #2 or Autoeroticasphyxium #10 and 12.

Apart from that I completely reworked the second hand zine listing by checking (almost) every detail, deleting titles that are no longer available, adding a couple of new ones I found while flipping through the boxes as well as plenty of information to every title (number of pages, contents etc. etc.) and even fixed a few typing mistakes. I also found plenty of “new” items like Imhotep #7, Fafnir #1 and 2, Mystical Music #6 and 10 or Iron Hammer #3 – even a leftover stock copy of Thy Invocation Of Hell (yum!) – ain’t that great?
Oh, and there’s a renewed listing of old ROCK HARD and METAL HAMMER titles I still got in stock. Prices have been dramatically reduced too so take a close look, willya?

If you take an even closer look at the bottom of page 7 you’ll find five new ZINE PACKS I bundled for you: Buy several issues of Streetcleaner, Northern Darkness, Tough Riffs, Metal Horde or Fatal Underground for a reduced price!!!

Last but not least I picked up a couple of great music titles, like the second press of Sabbat’s “Black Fire” EP, the awesome and official brazilian CD rereleases of Graf Spee’s “Reincarnation” and Angkor Vat’s 3CD box set “Toda La Sangre Derramada” (including their complete studio recordings as well as plenty of rarities), Buckshot Facelift’s “Ulcer Island” delivering a heavy dose of intense NYC hardstyle grindcore awesomeness – or maybe the new Bloodlust and Sexorcist tapes for your daily dose of peruvian underground Death/Thrash Metal? You choose!

P.S.: Remind yourself to pick a copy of my latest release > TOUGH RIFFS #4 including plenty of nice features and more for only 5,- Euro (or buy the whole pack including all four issues for only 15,- Euro)!!!

Ready? Download the new distro list here: