New distribution list 01-18 available!

Let’s start off the new year with another distro list update to invoke the spirits of sinister paperwork once more! Took me quite a while to put it all together but let me tell you that it was WORTH the wait…

I got my hands on plenty of new zines such as CRUSH THE CROSS, various issues of DEATH WOUND, the new NOISE RECEPTOR, HELLISH PROPAGANDA, ARISE, INTO THE TOMB or DEADHEAD #7, just to name a few. And let’s not forget the BIG bunch of second hand titles I managed to find too, including titles like CHAOS, MYSTICAL MUSIC, CARNAGE, LEPROZINE, RAVENLORD, ANCIENT CEREMONIES and many, many more! Plus a couple of bits and pieces of new music like the SABBAT, SONIC ORDER and NEMESIS EPs (really nice stuff!), a new version of the FEAR OF GOD / DEATH NOISE split LP or the whopping AGATHOCLES / APOPTOSIS split tape – take a look!

In between I also published another issue of TOUGH RIFFS (issue 5 that is!) and participated in the release of the RETORTION TERROR / INVIDIOSUS split CD in cooperation with HPGD Records. If you feel the urgent desire to grind your brain a little more this is just the perfect album to do so! Only 10,- Euros a piece!!!

Download here >>>

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