Let’s celebrate this year’s autumn season with TOUGH RIFFS MAGAZINE issue SEVEN, ladies and gentlemen! Presenting itself with an entirely new logo being designed by Mark Riddick, this very issue features bands such as FETID ZOMBIE, SKELETAL REMAINS, NECROT, ROTHEADS, ANATOMIA, OF FEATHER AND BONE and many more, plus additional features like the “Matterhorn” comic (drawn by Ultraxx of “Grave Wave” Zine) or the impressive “farewell” article on Necrophagia’s vocalist Frank Pucci a.k.a. “Killjoy” (written by Jay H. Gornia). All that on 56 A4 sized b/w pages, written in english, accompanied by another incredible cover artwork made by Thomas Westphal!

Single copies are available for 6,50 Euro in Germany or 8,00 Euro worldwide including postage and handling – as always! Send your orders to: >>> take a look at the contact page here

Distributors – get in touch!!!

New distribution list 03-18 available!

Autumn season is at our doorstep and it’s time for the third update of my freaky-deaky FANZINE DISTRO LIST including another dirty bunch of new fanzine titles such as Zombi Danz, Iron Hammer, Violent Abstractions, Chronicles, Posthuman, Fatal Underground or the incredible Blasphemous book! And once again I managed to pick up a small bunch of second hand zine titles like Refraktor, Heartattack, Inside Front, Profane Existence or Gerilya!

You may want to check the music section too and get yourself a copy of the new Necro Schizma – Erupted Evil 2CD compilation made by Iron Tyrant Records, the Bestial Summoning and Denial Of God CD rereleases from Bloody Productions, Griberriket‘s new “Sluket” vinyl album on fiery orange vinyl or the small selection of highly disturbing NOISE tapes of bands like Glaukom Synod and others.

And thanks to Jon of Mors Omnibvs I received another bunch of new pins and patches with Nuclearhammer, Vatra I Sumpor, Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes and Vassafor motives – check out the details at the end of the list!

Download the new distro list right here: