New distribution list 01-19 available!

It’s 2019 already so let’s start the new year by presenting my updated distro list 01-19 to you! Lots and lots of new zines inside like Bestial Desecration, Snare Rush, Bardo Methodology, Uncut Reality, the Buttfuck zine compilation book (both versions available!), Snowfall, Streetcleaner… you name it!

Aaaand let’s not forget about the second hand department with zines such as Funeral Maelstrom Of Hate, Womb, Black Ivory Tower, Metal Command, Oaken Throne and plenty others.

Still got room left for some exciting music? Let some Come To Grief, Wartime, Desaster or Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes tunes entertain you!

Download the new list here

PS: Those who received my newsmail may have noticed that the embedded download link for the new distrolist does not work correctly (yeah, I forgot to check it one last time, errr….). To make it work again simply remove the “http//” at the beginning of the download link once it shows up in the new browser window / tab!

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