New distribution list 01-21 available & updates on upcoming publications!

I finally finished updating the offline version of my distro list – feel free to download the PDF version here. It includes a good bunch of new zine stuff such as Boothaeven’s, The Sinister Flame, Krachmanifest, several issues of Necroscope, Lucifer’s Mirror, Snowfall and many more, plus plenty of second hand titles I managed to pick up from various sources. And feel free to check my music section including plenty of good stuff from bands like Poison, Grief, Headless Kross, NME, Bong, Griberriket or Sinoath, just to name a few. Every new order, no matter how big or small, is more than welcome in order to keep things up and running. Your support is needed!!!

For those of you who have eagerly been waiting for Witchcraft #8 – well, I have to confess that I’m still working on it. I am not quite satisfied with the layout on some of the pages and also felt like adding a couple more demo and zine reviews to it as well. I’m still hoping to be able to wrap it all up within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

In the meantime I started working on the files for the upcoming „Bells Of Acheron“ book while waiting for the files of both „Mexican Underground“ volumes to arrive here so I can start working on that one as well. Both titles should be available in a not too distant future. I will keep you all updated on this of course.

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