Took me a long time to get this one done – but here it is, finally: Mexican Undergroundhardcover edition reprint of the original “Mexican Underground” issues 1 & 2 being created by Tony of Reborn From Ashes Zine. An in-depth overview on the mexican underground metal scene from 1984 to 1996, featuring a wide range of bands such as Cenotaph, Bloodsoaked, Toxodeth, Shub Niggurath, Death Warrant, Evil Death, Necrophiliac, Deus Mortis, Pactum, Tormentor, Mortuary and many more, plus zines like the legendary Mutilador or Epitaph, old reviews, flyers, crazy artwork and what not. Including bonus pages containing interviews with Cenotaph, Bloodsoaked, Toxodeth, Attoxxxico / P.P.R. Zine, R’Lyeh and Supplicium / Necroccultus. A4 sized, 152 b/w pages, written in english. Price is 15,- Euro a piece plus postage – distributors are always welcome, of course!


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