Hey everyone, I got TWO new publications for you:

Witchcraft #8 – It took an awfully long time but here it is! 72 A4 sized, b/w pages (english language) full of nonsense and rubbish, just the way you like it. This time we got Goetie Exhumation Distro, Grendel’s Syster, Angkor Vat, Dungeon Grease / Crude Form, Morbital, Buckshot Facelift AND a very old, unpublished interview from 1990 with Euronymous of the true MAYHEM – aaarrrggghh. Apart from that I got plenty of articles on various bullshit topics, personal opinions about nothing and everything plus senseless ranting for you. And, of course, another volume of the „Twilight Zone Of Zines“ – you won’t find any better source when it comes to worldwide fanzine activities. Isn’t that exciting? Yes it is! Oh, and there’s a nice A2 sized Miasma poster for you, too. Come get yours for only 5,- Euro plus postage.

Bells Of Acheron – The Book: Finally – the first four issues of Bells Of Acheron Zine (Colombia) combined in one 17 x 24 cm sized softcover book. It’s 252 b/w pages strong, written in english and includes numerous interviews with bands such as While Heaven Wept, Desaster, Funebrarum, Nocturnal, Anatomia, Nuclear Death, Vulcano, Communion, Deus Otiosus, Diabolical Messiah, Force Of Darkness, Nuclear Hammer, Sadistic Intent, Inquisitor, Deathroner, Martire, Deceased, Onirophagus, Thy Serpents Cult, Destruktion, Midnight Priest, Slaughtbbath, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Amon, Death Courier, Agony Lords, Sorcerer, Blood Farmers, Forced Kill, Nocturnal Graves, Funeral Nation, Under The Church, Black Jesus, Machetazo and many more, plus reviews and various articles. A copy can be yours for 25,- Euro plus postage.

Distributos welcome – ask for wholesales!

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