New distribution list 01-20 available!

New year – new list! Once again I updated the offline PDF version of my distro list for you people. It can be download by either checking the DISTRO section and clicking the download link on top, OR by using this link: – enjoy – and buy some zines, willya?

New fanzine downloads!

I finally managed to add a bunch of new fanzine downloads for all the fanatic fanzine enthusiasts out there: Blackthorn #2 • Braindamage #1 & 2 • Butcher Zine #1 • Dark Summoning #1 • Decibel Of Death #1 • Deprived #1, 2 & 3 • Desaster Magazine #10 • Desecrator #2 • Evisceration #2 • Genital Necrosis #1 • Horrible Eyes #3 • No Colours #1


Autumn season has finally arrived, and as the days are getting shorter TOUGH RIFFS MAGAZINE rises from the dead once more to provide you with yet another dose of ghastly reading material you can sink your broken teeth into! Issue number 9 offers another rotten fist full of interviews, featuring bands such as Krypts, Incantation, a huge and in-depth Nunslaughter interview, Full Of Hell, Gorguts plus several others, the return of the “News From The Crypt” column with plenty of short interviews and introductions on fresh band corpses such as Fulci, Charnel Altar, Cystic Embalment, Skullsmasher, Frozen Soul and many more, the “Diabolique” special taking a close look at classic horror flicks PLUS a seriously big fucking MAYHEM special !!!

Supplemented by a fine Carcass-inspired cover artwork, it’s got 96 A4 sized pages this time (yeah, it’s BIG), all written in english, accompanied by its classic black-and-white design.

So why not grab yourself a copy which is available for 7,55 Euro in Germany or 10,- Euro worldwide including postage and handling? Stay underground or die!

Distributors always welcome of course – get in touch ya crazy bastards!


Yeah I know, there wasn’t much going on here during the last two and a half months regarding new zines and stuff… but that’s only because I was preparing new publications for you people out there! Plus it took some time to figure things out in terms of scanning and what not, and to get it all printed of course.

First, I am proud to present this really well done debut issue of SCATOLOGY to you! It’s got 88 A4 sized pages, all black and white, written in english and featuring a good bunch of exciting bands such as PENTACLE, SOLSTICE, AXEGRINDER, NUCLEAR DEATH, CHAOS ECHOES, VOIVOD, DROWNED, NECROVORE and plenty more. Plus a couple of reviews and articles like „The Hard Dawn Of Gore Cinema“. Check it out and get yourself a copy for only 5,- Euro plus postage (1,55 Euro within Germany or 3,80 Euro worldwide)

Second, I got this HUGE tome for you calling itself REST IN PAIN #3. It took quite some time to put all the pieces together but things worked out perfectly at the end. For those of you who already own a copy of #2 (which is still available, by the way), you know what to expect: entirely handmade content in it’s (un)purest form – a huge undertaking in every way. A real feast for your eyes! It’s 124 A4 sized pages strong, written in english and features some serious underground stuff with bands like RITUAL BLOODSHED, RUHO, CRIPPLING MADNESS, OCCULTUM, SATANIC MIGHT and many more plus zines and labels like METAL ZZA KRAT ZINE or SILVER KEY RECORDS, just to name a few – accompanied by a hungarian Black Metal scene report and a fist full of reviews. It can be yours for only 7,- Euro plus postage.

>>> SPECIAL OFFER: Get both issues for only 10,- Euro plus postage.

(A limited, fully colored version of REST IN PAIN #3 will be unleashed at a later time)

New distribution list 02-19 available!

Three months have passed already and I picked up plenty of new stuff in the meantime too so here it is – the new downloadable distro list 02-19. Again lots and lots of new zines inside like new issues of Virus, Fatal Underground, Expedite Death, Snakepit, By This Axe I Rule an many more!

And I got another good bunch of second hand zines to offer this time as well, like Godreah, Mimes Brunn, Cothurnus, Ilbasha, Necromaniac and what not. Always with a shot, isn’t it?

I even received two more vinyl releases of Doom Snake Cult and Yog Sothots so you may want to check them both out as well.

Download the new list here


Invidiosus from Minnesota, USA, will be touring the european continent this summer! Check out the dates below and show your support by visiting one of their shows. And in case you’d like to find out more about their music, you may want to ask me for a copy of their split CD with Retortion Terror I helped to release in 2017 – only 10,- Euro apiece plus postage!