I’m proud to present a new project from the creator of Raw War and Cloven Hoof: SCHWARZE RÜSTUNG ISSUE 1 is here! It’s 84 pages strong, with a size of 17 by 24cm and entirely written in english. Interviewed bands are Hexxema, Warrior, Maniak, Wendol, Vulvanic, Loup Noir, Demonized and Mourner Of Light among others, plus plenty of reviews reviews and other horrible tales. Get your copy today for only 6,- Euro plus postage.


BEHOLD! The wait is over – here it is: Scatology #2. Fasten your seatbelts and make sure to check your pulse because this new issue is just… a dream come true for you zine maniacs out there. Period! 104 A4 sized pages in black and white, featuring bands such as Bizarre Uproar, Funeral Nation, Reptile Womb, At War, Grand Belial’s Key, Pentacle, Vomitor, Hetsheads, Fear Of God, Dream Death, Apparition and many, many more; plus interviews with individuals like Patrick Engel, Drew Elliot or Dan Lilker etc. or labels such as Nuclear War Now! or Backwoods Butcher Records, among others.

Get your copy NOW for only 6,- Euro a piece plus postage. Distributors are more than welcome to get in touch, too! Get in touch, help me to spread the word – fanzines will never die!


Hey everyone, I got TWO new publications for you:

Witchcraft #8 – It took an awfully long time but here it is! 72 A4 sized, b/w pages (english language) full of nonsense and rubbish, just the way you like it. This time we got Goetie Exhumation Distro, Grendel’s Syster, Angkor Vat, Dungeon Grease / Crude Form, Morbital, Buckshot Facelift AND a very old, unpublished interview from 1990 with Euronymous of the true MAYHEM – aaarrrggghh. Apart from that I got plenty of articles on various bullshit topics, personal opinions about nothing and everything plus senseless ranting for you. And, of course, another volume of the „Twilight Zone Of Zines“ – you won’t find any better source when it comes to worldwide fanzine activities. Isn’t that exciting? Yes it is! Oh, and there’s a nice A2 sized Miasma poster for you, too. Come get yours for only 5,- Euro plus postage.

Bells Of Acheron – The Book: Finally – the first four issues of Bells Of Acheron Zine (Colombia) combined in one 17 x 24 cm sized softcover book. It’s 252 b/w pages strong, written in english and includes numerous interviews with bands such as While Heaven Wept, Desaster, Funebrarum, Nocturnal, Anatomia, Nuclear Death, Vulcano, Communion, Deus Otiosus, Diabolical Messiah, Force Of Darkness, Nuclear Hammer, Sadistic Intent, Inquisitor, Deathroner, Martire, Deceased, Onirophagus, Thy Serpents Cult, Destruktion, Midnight Priest, Slaughtbbath, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Amon, Death Courier, Agony Lords, Sorcerer, Blood Farmers, Forced Kill, Nocturnal Graves, Funeral Nation, Under The Church, Black Jesus, Machetazo and many more, plus reviews and various articles. A copy can be yours for 25,- Euro plus postage.

Distributos welcome – ask for wholesales!


Took me a long time to get this one done – but here it is, finally: Mexican Undergroundhardcover edition reprint of the original “Mexican Underground” issues 1 & 2 being created by Tony of Reborn From Ashes Zine. An in-depth overview on the mexican underground metal scene from 1984 to 1996, featuring a wide range of bands such as Cenotaph, Bloodsoaked, Toxodeth, Shub Niggurath, Death Warrant, Evil Death, Necrophiliac, Deus Mortis, Pactum, Tormentor, Mortuary and many more, plus zines like the legendary Mutilador or Epitaph, old reviews, flyers, crazy artwork and what not. Including bonus pages containing interviews with Cenotaph, Bloodsoaked, Toxodeth, Attoxxxico / P.P.R. Zine, R’Lyeh and Supplicium / Necroccultus. A4 sized, 152 b/w pages, written in english. Price is 15,- Euro a piece plus postage – distributors are always welcome, of course!

New distribution list 02-21 available!

Took me an awfully long time but here‘s an updated version of the distro list PDF file for you! Includes a bunch of new amazing zines such as Macabre Overdose, Boothaeven’s, Fatal Underground, Regressus Diaboli, Feed The Beast or Nuclear Winter, just to name a few, as well as plenty of second hand titles I managed to get my hands on over the last couple of months. Every order helps to keep this distro up and running to I’m counting on you people out there – don’t let me down! Please keep in mind that the online version of the distro list you can find on my blog is always up to date. New titles are being added to the list as soon as they arrive here at my place.

For those of you who have been wondering what happened to upcoming publications I already wrote about earlier: the files for the Bells Of Acheron book are almost ready! I still need to fix a few things before being able to send the final files to the printing company. In the meantime I started working on the files for the Mexican Underground book as well. Witchcraft #8 is still not entirely finished – I felt like working on some more details and add a bunch of new texts that I have been working on over the last few months. However it will see the light of day in the forseeable future – I promise!

New distribution list 01-21 available & updates on upcoming publications!

I finally finished updating the offline version of my distro list – feel free to download the PDF version here. It includes a good bunch of new zine stuff such as Boothaeven’s, The Sinister Flame, Krachmanifest, several issues of Necroscope, Lucifer’s Mirror, Snowfall and many more, plus plenty of second hand titles I managed to pick up from various sources. And feel free to check my music section including plenty of good stuff from bands like Poison, Grief, Headless Kross, NME, Bong, Griberriket or Sinoath, just to name a few. Every new order, no matter how big or small, is more than welcome in order to keep things up and running. Your support is needed!!!

For those of you who have eagerly been waiting for Witchcraft #8 – well, I have to confess that I’m still working on it. I am not quite satisfied with the layout on some of the pages and also felt like adding a couple more demo and zine reviews to it as well. I’m still hoping to be able to wrap it all up within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

In the meantime I started working on the files for the upcoming „Bells Of Acheron“ book while waiting for the files of both „Mexican Underground“ volumes to arrive here so I can start working on that one as well. Both titles should be available in a not too distant future. I will keep you all updated on this of course.

New distribution list 03-20 available!

Finally – here’s an updated version of my distro list! I managed to get my hands on a bunch of new zines like Arise #7, Black Goat #4, Horned Hoof, Bells Of Acheron #4 and a couple more, new 2nd hand titles like Krachmanifest, Papyrus, Pariah Child or Underground Empire and new CDs and tapes from bands like Perdition Hearse, Death Invoker or Hierophants Descent.

The new list can be downloaded by either checking the DISTRO section and clicking the download link on top, OR by using this > link < – enjoy – and buy some stuff from me so I can afford to buy more zines for you people out there!!!

News, updates… aaand searching for zines!

For those who wonder – yeah, I’m still around! Both the distro as well as the publishing service are still up and running (feel free to place an order so I can buy new zines for the distro list) and a new issue of WITCHCRAFT MAGAZINE is finally on its way, too. If everything goes well I should be able to send the files to the printing company in late November 2020. Isn’t that exciting? Yes it is!

I’m also working on a bunch of new publications but I’m kinda short on money at the moment. Still hoping to be able to kick things off during the autumn season – I will keep you updated on this of course!

Last but not least: I’m currently searching for some zines and am hoping that some of you people out there might be able to help me out in one way or the other. The zines in particular are:

  • Mortuary Mag (Germany) #1 from the early 1990s > created by Chris Hillenbrand (who also ran Slaughter Records / Exhumed Productions)
  • Intestine Stew Zine (Canada) #1 to 4 from the early 2000s > created by James Tarr (who also used to run Intestine Stew Tapes)
  • Cadaver, Corpse & Bowels Zine (Germany) #1 to 3 from the late 1980s / early 1990s > created by Abo Alsleben (Leipzig)
  • Uniforce Zine (USA) #1 to 7 from the late 1980s / early 1990s > created by Mark Sawickis (from Impetigo, of corpse!)

I don’t care if you have physical copies (original ones, xeroxed duplicates… whatever) or a bunch of scanned files to offer – all sorts of material is more than welcome. Just send me an email – I’m looking forward to hear from you!

New distribution list 02-20 available!

It took me a while – but here’s the updated offline PDF version of my distro list for you to check! I got plenty of new zines in stock like The Black Candle, The Dead Sea Anthology, Waldhalla, Perverse Gospel, Mold Report, Nachzehrer, Bardo Methodology or Devilment and many more, plus a bunch of 2nd hand zines and a little bit of new music from bands like Pheretrum, Hirax, Lord Gore or Black Grail.

It can be download by either checking the DISTRO section and clicking the download link on top, OR by using this > link < – enjoy – and buy some zine stuff!!!