I’m proud to present this intense split album release between Witchcraft Records and Horror Pain Gore Death Productions featuring Japan’s grinding maniacs Retortion Terror and US Death/Grind destroyers Invidiosus!
Retortion Terror make their debut with 5 tracks of raw, blistering grindcore straight from Kyoto Japan. Featuring legendary guitarist Takafumi Matsubara (Gridlink, Mortalized Grindcore) and a mysterious lineup of international grinders, Retortion Terror pull no punches on this split. In 2014, Takafumi suffered a brain infection that made it nearly impossible for him to play guitar, and many thought Gridlink’s “Longhena” might be Takafumi’s last record. Fortunately, he has beaten those odds; his recovery has been nothing short of miraculous, and he has resumed playing guitar and doing karate in spite of what the doctors told him. This is an absolute must listen for fans of Discordance Axis, Wormrot, Noisear and Insect Warfare

Invidiosus, hailing from Minneapolis Minnesota, perform vicious, anxiety-driven Death/Grind that is absolutely punishing. Invidiosus features current and former members of Amiensus, Rottenness, Violence Condoned, In Defence and Atrum Inritus. The band has spent the last 3 years relentlessly touring Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia and the USA, with an upcoming tour of Japan and South Korea (including a festival performance at Asakusa Deathfest). Blending elements of Grindcore, Death Metal and Thrash, Invidiosus brings their destructive, eclectic style out in full force for their HPGD premiere! Essential for fans of Cephalic Carnage, Phobia, Pig Destroyer, and Brutal Truth!!

GET YOUR COPY NOW FOR ONLY 10,- Euro (postage: 1,45 Euro within Germany & 3,70 Euro worldwide) > Distributors are always welcome of course!

Retortion Terror
1. Arcane Dogs
2. Scorched
3. Trench
4. The Line
5. River Of Ignorance

6. Cultural Indifference
7. Purpose Defeater
8. OD’d On Technology
9. From The 16th Floor
10. Where Evolution Ends


New distribution list 03-17 available!

The trip-to-depressive-autumn season is here and so is the NEW distro list 03-17, offering more than 310 different fanzine titles from all over the world!!! Needless to say that I found plenty of new stuff for you people like Bardo Methodology #1 and 2, Slaves #3, Temple Of Adoration #12, From Beyond… the Deathbed, Snakepit #20, SARX #2 and many more PLUS a bunch of new old stock titles like good ol’ Decibels Storm #9 from France, Atlantida #2 or Autoeroticasphyxium #10 and 12.

Apart from that I completely reworked the second hand zine listing by checking (almost) every detail, deleting titles that are no longer available, adding a couple of new ones I found while flipping through the boxes as well as plenty of information to every title (number of pages, contents etc. etc.) and even fixed a few typing mistakes. I also found plenty of “new” items like Imhotep #7, Fafnir #1 and 2, Mystical Music #6 and 10 or Iron Hammer #3 – even a leftover stock copy of Thy Invocation Of Hell (yum!) – ain’t that great?
Oh, and there’s a renewed listing of old ROCK HARD and METAL HAMMER titles I still got in stock. Prices have been dramatically reduced too so take a close look, willya?

If you take an even closer look at the bottom of page 7 you’ll find five new ZINE PACKS I bundled for you: Buy several issues of Streetcleaner, Northern Darkness, Tough Riffs, Metal Horde or Fatal Underground for a reduced price!!!

Last but not least I picked up a couple of great music titles, like the second press of Sabbat’s “Black Fire” EP, the awesome and official brazilian CD rereleases of Graf Spee’s “Reincarnation” and Angkor Vat’s 3CD box set “Toda La Sangre Derramada” (including their complete studio recordings as well as plenty of rarities), Buckshot Facelift’s “Ulcer Island” delivering a heavy dose of intense NYC hardstyle grindcore awesomeness – or maybe the new Bloodlust and Sexorcist tapes for your daily dose of peruvian underground Death/Thrash Metal? You choose!

P.S.: Remind yourself to pick a copy of my latest release > TOUGH RIFFS #4 including plenty of nice features and more for only 5,- Euro (or buy the whole pack including all four issues for only 15,- Euro)!!!

Ready? Download the new distro list here:



TOUGH RIFFS MAGAZINE from France presents it’s FOURTH issue just a few months after the release of issue three so you people out there got something to read during your summer holidays! Cover design drawn by Mark Riddick, black & white retro style design, including numerous interviews with bands like OBITUARY, WOMBBATH, DEICIDE, PUTRID PILE, ACROSTICHON, IMMOLATION, UNDERGANG, AUTOPSY and more on 52 A4 sized perfectly bound b/w pages! Don’t miss it!!! Single copies are available for 6,50 Euro in Germany or 8,00 Euro worldwide including postage and handling. Send your orders to: >>> take a look at the contact page

Distributors are more than welcome of course – get in touch!!!

New distribution list 02-17 available!

Behold… it’s the NEW distro list!!! Yeah I know, it took me quite a while to get it done but good things take time to make, don’t they? Apart from that I had to move all of my stuff to build up a new, improved storage with plenty of space for more aggressive expansion!
But I promise you it was worth the wait ’cause I got plenty of stuff for you people, like new fanzine titles such as Posthuman, Forgotten Path, Morbid Visions, Slowly We Rot, Terozin, Reborn From Ashes (including the “Mexican Underground” special issue!), Arise, Troubled Sleep or V.I.T.R.I.O.L., just to name a few.

Apart from that there’s the usual update on second hand zines I recently found here and there like Hellpike, Horrible Eyes, Spellbook or Hate Meditation + the NEW section with fanzines written in spanish language! So if YOU got spanish written zines for sale or trade, feel free to drop me a note so we can work something out as I would like to distribute more of those in the near future.

Do not forget to take a closer look at the music stuff I picked up for you too, like the great looking Blood Picture Disc 7″ EP “Recognize Yourself”; the new, mind-blowing Hell Desecrator album for fans of early Sarcofago; Merciless’ classic debut “The Awakening” on quality pro tapes; the improved rerelease of Mortem’s “Demon Tales” LP; heavy fucking Lüger and Vociferian tapes released through Von Frost Records or Kandar’s grinding, blood splattering debut album “Groovy” (for fans of Evil Dead!).

Still reading? Good! Let me poke you a little more by mentioning some of my own, NEW RELEASES like the official reprint of DEADHEAD #6, a massive 152 page pamphlet including plenty of bands and stories and interviews and what not! If that still doesn’t satisfy you check out the NO GOD RHETORIC / KANDAR split 7″ EP including 10 minutes of hyper ventilating Fastcore versus bone grinding horror Grindcore from the Czech Republic – on orange and green vinyl (yum!). It’s always worth a shot so give it a try, willya?

Download here:



After the original edition was gone within just a few weeks I’m proud to finally present the official reprint of DEADHEAD FANZINE #6 so that everyone who missed the chance to secure a copy for himself can finally take a gooood look at this!
Featuring 152 A4 sized pages of pure metal insanity, housed in a thick laminated cover, this baby includes numerous interviews with bands like Morbid Angel, Alan Moses  of Buttface Zine, Spectral Birth / Incubus, Punisher / Picagari, Grave Desecrator, Slaughter, Merciless Death, Vulga, Ungodly Death, Poison, Evoked Doom, Trench Hell, Eurynomos, Venom, Metal Mania Zine, Mazetorment and many more!
Don’t miss this chance and get yourself a copy for 10,- Euro a piece – plus 1,45 Euro postage within Germany or 3,70 Euro postage worldwide (priority airmail). Distributors are always welcome to join in of course! Send a mail to: witchcraftmag @ gmx. de


I’m proud to present the newest child in the family which is the NO GOD RHETORIC / KANDAR split 7″ EP!!! Approx. 10 minutes of blast-beating fastcore vs. bone crushing grindcore fun, fresh from the Czech Republic, pressed on swirly orange and purulent green vinyl (125 copies each). The EPs are housed in a colored foldout cover including lyrics, photos and more, sealed in a transparent protective sleeve!

Get your copy for 8,- Euro plus 1,45 Euro postage (Germany) / plus 3,70 Euro postage (worldwide, via airmail). Distributors are always welcome of course! Send a mail to witchcraftmag @ gmx. de

New distribution list 01-17 available!

It’s 2017 already… so let’s start off by uploading a new version of my distro list, shall we?!

And as always I found new zines for you people like ARCH VILE from Hungary or new issues of NECROSCOPE from Poland, THRONE OF CHAOS from Portugal or BY THIS AXE I RULE from Spain / Germany – just to mention a few – as well as new old stock of zines like SERPENTSCOPE or the debut issue of VOICE OF THE NIGHT.

Apart from that you might take a close look at the fresh copies of HIRNPLATZT I received from Hirntrust Gind Media (Austria) or the excellent reprint of REST IN PAIN zine I released a couple of weeks ago – filled with truly amazing one hundred and fifty (!!!) handmade pages of pure metal insanity! FUKK!

Needless to say that I also managed to pick up a couple more second hand titles such as ISTEN, SLAYER, DESECRATION OF VIRGIN or THE SINISTER FLAME! And a little bit of music like the new WARTIME CD (Dooooom!) and the “Leather Evil Leather” album of colombian speedsters ALCOHOLIC FORCE while PRESUMED DEAD put all of their recordings on one tape and called it “Defunct Existence”. Curious? Take one – you won’t regret it!

Last but not least I still got plenty of old issues of ROCK HARD and METAL HAMMER in stock you will hardly ever find anywhere else, especially when all of the original poster and add-on material is still inside – like big size posters, flex discs and what not!!!
And there’s a whole box full of pristine looking copies of SPLATTING IMAGE issues, starting with no. 1 up to no. 66, searching for a new home. You know someone who’s into horror and gore movies? THIS might be THE one chance for your buddies to get their hands on some serious stuff!

Download the new list immediatly: