I’m proud to present the newest child in the family which is the NO GOD RHETORIC / KANDAR split 7″ EP!!! Approx. 10 minutes of blast-beating fastcore vs. bone crushing grindcore fun, fresh from the Czech Republic, pressed on swirly orange and purulent green vinyl (125 copies each). The EPs are housed in a colored foldout cover including lyrics, photos and more, sealed in a transparent protective sleeve!

Get your copy for 8,- Euro plus 1,45 Euro postage (Germany) / plus 3,70 Euro postage (worldwide, via airmail). Distributors are always welcome of course! Send a mail to witchcraftmag @ gmx. de


New distribution list 01-17 available!

It’s 2017 already… so let’s start off by uploading a new version of my distro list, shall we?!

And as always I found new zines for you people like ARCH VILE from Hungary or new issues of NECROSCOPE from Poland, THRONE OF CHAOS from Portugal or BY THIS AXE I RULE from Spain / Germany – just to mention a few – as well as new old stock of zines like SERPENTSCOPE or the debut issue of VOICE OF THE NIGHT.

Apart from that you might take a close look at the fresh copies of HIRNPLATZT I received from Hirntrust Gind Media (Austria) or the excellent reprint of REST IN PAIN zine I released a couple of weeks ago – filled with truly amazing one hundred and fifty (!!!) handmade pages of pure metal insanity! FUKK!

Needless to say that I also managed to pick up a couple more second hand titles such as ISTEN, SLAYER, DESECRATION OF VIRGIN or THE SINISTER FLAME! And a little bit of music like the new WARTIME CD (Dooooom!) and the “Leather Evil Leather” album of colombian speedsters ALCOHOLIC FORCE while PRESUMED DEAD put all of their recordings on one tape and called it “Defunct Existence”. Curious? Take one – you won’t regret it!

Last but not least I still got plenty of old issues of ROCK HARD and METAL HAMMER in stock you will hardly ever find anywhere else, especially when all of the original poster and add-on material is still inside – like big size posters, flex discs and what not!!!
And there’s a whole box full of pristine looking copies of SPLATTING IMAGE issues, starting with no. 1 up to no. 66, searching for a new home. You know someone who’s into horror and gore movies? THIS might be THE one chance for your buddies to get their hands on some serious stuff!

Download the new list immediatly:


It’s here: REST IN PAIN ZINE #2 (Poland) offers 150 entirely handmate A4 sized pages of pure devotion and spirit including interviews with Profanity Angel, Mortis Dei, Aragon, Iron Hammer Zine, Rotten Age / Aries Vehemens, Conquest Icon, Dark Fury, Nazghor, Manzer, Freezing Blood, Kampf Records, a bulgarian scene report as well as small introductions to Apocalyptic Rites Zine, Burning Abyss Zine, Incarnated, Nekkrofukk, Vaginalluftwaffe Zine, Concatenation and Merciless Death plus various reviews.

All pages of Rest In Pain have been reworked using the original layouts to ensure the best possible quality! Individual copies are available for 8,50 Euro (postpaid) within Germany or 10,- Euro (postpaid, via airmail) worldwide. Write to: witchcraftmag @ gmx. de

Distributors needed, too! Get in touch!!




A friend of mine wants to part with his collection of early german Rock Hard and Metal Hammer PLUS his entire collection of Splatting Image issues and asked me if I could handle the whole lot (of course I can!). I checked every single copy myself and created a complete overview for you people including further descriptions, like overall condition or additional content (like posters, flexi discs etc.) and prices. You can download by using the following link:

Needless to say that early issues of magazines like Rock Hard are pretty hard to find these days, especially when they still include the original (and unused!) band posters or even flexi discs! This might be your ONLY CHANCE to get hold of well preserved early german Heavy Metal magazines from the 1980s!!!

Write to: witchcraftmag @ gmx. de

New distribution list 03-16 available!

Autumn season is here and it’s time to finally upload another update of my fanzine distribution list for you out there!

And again I managed to find a good bunch of new zines and books like “Black & White Volume 1” featuring terrific artwork from the hands of Mr. MÖRTUUS, the excellent and fully colored GRAFIKA OBSCURA and ICONOCLAST books featuring brilliant illustrations from Maurice de Jong and André Coelho, copies of the excellent ONLY DEATH IS REAL book, the brand new fifth issue of THE SINISTER FLAME, new old stock copies of SHRUNKEN & MUMMIFIED and more fresh issues of METAL HORDE, FATAL UNDERGROUND or SPALENA RAMENA, just to name a few…

Apart from that I stumbled upon second hand copies of zines such as HELLPIKE, TORNADO or IUT DE ASKEN and even two issues of STRATANAEL MEGASIN – which is pretty hard to find these days!

For those of you looking for some seriously good music: I’ve got excellent tapes of bands like ILLUM ADORA, RED HARVEST’s 20th anniversary rerelease of their stunning “Hybreed” album or SGT. ROCK (pre-Impetigo!!!) and managed to get a few copies of MORNINGSTAR’s excellent “Heretic Metal” album being released on vinyl for the first time! Not to mention all the other excellent vinyls, CDs and tapes you may want to check out too.

AND you should take a closer look at the newest Schattenmann publication entitled “Tough Riffs”, a promising new zine run by a talented young lad from France. Issue 2 features a wide range of interviews with bands like Master, Blood, Morta Skuld, Misery Index, Kraanium, Morgue, Dehuman and many more on fourty-eight fully colored A4 sized pages. Detailed pictures and description can be viewed by visiting my blog – as always! Individual copies are available for only 6,50 Euro in Germany or 8,- Euro worldwide including postage and handling. Distributors may get in touch too!!

Download the new list here:

NEW: Tough Riffs Magazine #2

I used my little summer break to prepare some new projects for the autumn season. Let’s start off with the first one which came back from the printer only a few days ago: TOUGH RIFFS MAGAZINE from France presenting it’s second issue including numerous excellent interviews with bands like MASTER, BLOOD, MORTA SKULD, MISERY INDEX, PESTILENCE, KRAANIUM, NERVOUS IMPULSE, MORGUE, DEHUMAN and more on 48 A4 sized and colored pages including a nice coverdesign drawn by Mörtuus! Don’t miss this new, fine publication from France!! Single copies are available for 6,50 Euro in Germany or 8,00 Euro worldwide including postage and handling. Send your order to: witchcraftmag @ gmx. de

Distributors are more than welcome to help me and the editor of this fine little fanzine to spread the word! Get in touch!!!


  • Rest In Pain Zine #2 (Poland)
  • No God Rhetoric / Kandar Split 7″ EP


P.S.: Approved by Paul Speckmann (Master) and Jason Netherton (Misery Index)!

jason_netherton paul_speckmann

Old “Witchcraft” issues from yesteryear!

Well, I noticed that some of you people keep asking me about old issues of “Witchcraft Magazine” and what they looked like. Apart from the fact that most of those issues are more than twenty years old and therefore long gone, I never really felt like making them available again because there’s just too much nonsense and unnecessary blahblah inside (at least from my point of view). On the other hand I was pretty young and… well… a bit foolish, or maybe overly enthusiastic?

On the other hand I made those scans some time ago just in case something would happen to the original paperwork and created PDF files because they are easy to handle and don’t consume that much space on my harddisk like the original scan files do.

To sum things up, I suppose it won’t hurt to upload those files and share them with you. Here are the first three issues of “Witchcraft” I made between 1992 and 1994. Made with cheesy english, sloppy writing, awkward opinions but LOTS of enthusiasm!