BEHOLD! The wait is over – here it is: Scatology #2. Fasten your seatbelts and make sure to check your pulse because this new issue is just… a dream come true for you zine maniacs out there. Period! 104 A4 sized pages in black and white, featuring bands such as Bizarre Uproar, Funeral Nation, Reptile Womb, At War, Grand Belial’s Key, Pentacle, Vomitor, Hetsheads, Fear Of God, Dream Death, Apparition and many, many more; plus interviews with individuals like Patrick Engel, Drew Elliot or Dan Lilker etc. or labels such as Nuclear War Now! or Backwoods Butcher Records, among others.

Get your copy NOW for only 6,- Euro a piece plus postage. Distributors are more than welcome to get in touch, too! Get in touch, help me to spread the word – fanzines will never die!

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